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Trade shows is an exhibition of companies to showcase their products and services to those who know little or have no knowledge about what they offer.  Franchise proposals and other business opportunities are also found in trade shows. In most cases, trade shows are exclusive only to company representatives and press people.

Participating in trade shows is a great way to widen customer base and attain business success. It is also a cost-effective way of getting sales if done the right way.

Exhibitors and attendees are equally important at trade shows. In order to maximize presentations and attract a large number of the right kind of attendees, here are some suggestions:

  1. Plan ahead. Set the goal you want to achieve for the show. It may be to generate sales, or to test/introduce a new product, or to conduct demonstrations, and even sign up new employees and product distributors/dealers.
  2. Do some training. Presentations must be well practiced in order to have a smooth presentation flow. Make sure that you’re talking to the right people by doing some qualifying and spend more time with the target audience – potential customers, dealers, suppliers.
  3. Some booths may have long lines than the others. If you’re in one of them, just leave your contact details and proceed to the next booth. Exhibitors are sure to make time to reach you. This way, you can ask all the questions without having to worry too much about time.

Trade shows can help make successful businesses. Therefore it’s important to join the right one. Exhibit to the right audience or end up spending too much with so little return, if any.


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