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Top Ten Reasons PPC Fails For Industrial Firms (Part 3)

Top Ten Reasons PPC Fails For Industrial Firms (Part 3)

Number Seven: Having no idea of Quality Score, what it means, and how to improve it.
Quality Score is a very important factor on how often your ad shows, and how much you pay for the click. If you don’t know what it is for a word, or how to improve it, you are wasting money, maybe big money. Sure quality score can be a somewhat ephemeral statistic. But it doesn’t mean it is entirely out of your control. Simple things to improve your quality score include

  • First, make sure the ad your showing is relevant to the keywords it is connected to.
  • Second, make sure the ad points to a page on your website that is relevant to the keywords
  • Third, since CTR is the single most important factor of quality score, make sure you bid on good words, create good ads, and delete poorly performing keywords.

Number Eight: Having Phrase and Broad Match keywords with no negative keywords.
Negative keywords are the single most important factor for lowering the overall cost of your ad campaign. It is also one of the easiest. Just run a search term report on the campaigns and go over them for irrelevant terms, then add them to the negative keyword list. You will never pay for a click for that term again. You should run this report after the first week of the campaign, a week after that, then after the first month. By then, you should have a good list of negative terms which will cut the cost of your advertising dramatically. This one strategy alone lowered the cost of one of my campaigns by over 60 percent.

Number Nine: Ignoring Bing Yahoo
Bing and Yahoo have always been the redheaded stepchild of Google.It doesn’t mean you should ignore it however. They receive fully twenty percent of the overall traffic, and the clicks are often a fraction of the cost of Google. Add these two things together with the fact that it’s rather simple to import an entire campaign from Google and it is definitely worth the effort.

Number Ten: Believing That An Adword’s Consultant Will Take Care Of Everything
So you’ve decided to let an Adwords’s expert manage your campaign. Great. You don’t have to do anything, right? Wrong. You need to be part of the team. A good Adwords expert will send you reports of search terms you paid for, looking for opportunities for new terms to bid on as well as negative terms to exclude from paying for in the future. You need to pay close attention to these reports and go over them thoroughly, looking specifically for terms to exclude. My own advertising budget dropped by 65% by simply adding one negative term which was getting the bulk of my clicks, but no clients. I would have never known that term existed if I didn’t go over the search term report.
The key is to make it a team effort. Remember, an Adwords expert isn’t an expert in your business. You must help them find the best search terms, possible new terms, competitors, and negative terms to exclude.

Summary: After all this, I hope you understand a basic truth about Adwords. It’s much more complicated than it seems. There are dozens of factors to consider and they all interact together, so changing one affects the others. Done correctly, PPC is the single best form of advertising for industrial firms. But done poorly, it is just a waste of money.

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