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Top Ten Reasons PPC Fails For Industrial Firms (Part 2)

Top Ten Reasons PPC Fails For Industrial Firms (Part 2)

Number Four: Giving little to no thought to the Ad itself.

Optimizing your campaign for the right search terms, the right area, the right time, and the right bid is just half the work in getting a good campaing. The ads themselves are just as important. Remember, no matter what your bid is for a specific term, your ad will be one of about a dozen on the page of the Search Engine Results Page. Yes, being at the top is one way to get people to click, but this is a very inefficient way to get clicks. Most people who blindly click the top result aren’t serious buyers. Add to that the fact that this position is the most expensive and you’ve got the potential for wasting a great deal of money. Better to have a good add sitting at #3 or #4 for half the cost than to have a bad ad at #1. You’ll get the same conversion rate for far less money.

Also, take into consideration that the ad itself is a big factor in the Quality Score of the keywords its associated with. So make sure the ad is relevant to the keywords it’s associated with, as a poor Quality Score will make you pay more per click.

Every Ad Group should have multiple ads competing against each other. When a winner emerges, get rid of the loser and then create an ad to try to beat it. Even a 1 percent increase in CTR can save you enormous money.

Think about the ad as though it were something you were going on a billboard that will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. Because in reality, your ad is costing you this much. So pay attention to it. Give your internet marketing campaigns they attention they deserve, because more than any other marketing medium, they can return the most for the effort.

Number Five: Giving no thought whatsoever to the page where the ads are taking people.

So you’ve set up the ad campaign and you are getting a dozen clicks per day. Great, right? But what are these dozen people seeing when they get to your site? Some people are under the impression that since someone clicks on your ad and goes to your site, they’ve somehow made a decision to go with your company for its products or services. That’s not the case. People don’t make decisions because of the quality of your ad. The ad just piques their interest. They make buying decisions because

Number Six: Thinking that you have to be at the top of the page to see results.

The truth is: rarely is the top spot the most profitable for a search terms, and many times it can be very unprofitable. Many large companies through lots of money into PPC advertising without thought to their ROI. You don’t want to compete for the top spot with dumb people with too much money to spend. You want to be smart. And that means knowing where to put your ad. The truth is, that Google is forced by their business model to rotate ads, meaning that they can’t simply block out advertisers who don’t bid highly on keywords or they will lost a great deal of their customers. So what they do is this: the lower you bid for a keyword, the less it will be shown.

You may think that’s bad, but it really isn’t. It’s why you must understand the system to make the most of it. It’s all about your budget. Let’s say you have a budget of 50 dollars per day in a high demand market like cameras. The Google traffic estimator will tell you that if you bid $4.00 per click, you will have an estimated 421 clicks per day for a CPC of $1.61 fora total cost of $678.00. Of course that is way beyond your budget, so this means that if you set your bid for $4.00 you will get about 31 clicks per day before your budget is exhausted at an estimated position of 1.24.

Now, the Google Traffic Estimator is a great tool for setting budgets and bids, so what I will do is set the bid for .50 and see what happens. I get an estimated 77 clicks at .42 for an estimated daily cost of $32.46. That doesn’t reach our budget so I’ll bump it up to .65 and I get 108 clicks for an estimated cost of $52 at position 3.4. I’m now getting  108 clicks at position 3.4 for the same cost as 31 clicks at position 1. Which will perform better? Almost certainly it will be the second as the lower position will almost provide a better conversion rate.

This, as well as anything else, will show just how much ignorance of the Adwords system can cost you.

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