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Technical Copywriting

Technical Copywriting

Balancing The Extremes

Writing For Industrial Crowds There are two theories in industrial marketing when it comes to writing for a technical audience. The first theory goes that no matter what you are selling, it’s being sold to people. And selling to people is the same no matter what. The second theory says that technical people are very different in that they want technical information not sales pitches.

My view is: they are both correct.

Yes, engineers, managers, purchasing agents, etc.. want technical information. But they are also people, and so, like all people, they respond to certain stimulus.

Important points to remember:

  • Technical audiences are sticklers about facts. Just one technical inaccuracy can ruin your credibility. Errors reflect poorly on your overall knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Give them information but don’t bore them. Yes they want product information, so give it to them, along with a strong argument why your fimr is better.
  • Don’t forget selling 101. Why are you different, unique, better? Let your audience know. Be confident in your sales presentation not boring. Be enthusiastic. Don’t hype. But don’t put them to sleep either.
  • Turn jargon into benefits. Whatever the technical specs of your product are, keep asking yourself, “So what?” Do this until it answers one of two question: how it helps your potential client’s operation and/or saves them money.

This is the kind of industrial sales copy that can turn web browsers into long term clients, and help grow your own firm’s bottom line.


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  1. Dear John, I absolutely agree with you. The article summerizes the most important factors very well. Additional to the mentionned factors, accoridng to our experience there is an important difference in style, structure and writing in general between an article which is foreseen to be published on a website and between copies for print material.

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