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Quality Original Content

Quality Original Content

Search Engine Optimization (Part 4)

original content Now that your meta tags are set from part 3, it’s time to take that page blueprint and build the page itself. Content of your web site is the single biggest factor in the search engine optimization plan. Every day search engines are becoming more sophisticated at mimicking the thinking of actual humans. And as they evolve, they put more emphasis on the content of the site itself.  You, as a website owner, must put greater emphasis on content as well because it’s the content of the site which will invariably make it or break it.

If you’ve done the steps beforehand, writing the web site really shouldn’t be difficult. Your keyword research should already have given you plenty of ideas to write about. Designing the web site structure has already laid out a blue print of what the page is going to be about. And writing your meta tags has already created a summary of the page for you. Now, it’s just time to expand on that and create the page itself.

First and foremost make sure the content is unique. Don’t even think about going to a competitors web site and “borrowing” some of their content. This is not only a potential copyright violation, it won’t help your sites ranking at all. The web site owner you borrowed from might not catch you, but the search engines will. You think your high school English teacher was good at catching plagiarism? You should see how good Google is. Take my word for it: if you use duplicate content, the search engines will know. And they will almost surely relegate that borrowed page to their supplemental index, which means in a nutshell the page has no SEO value at all.

The last thing you want to do is waste good keywords and good meta tags with duplicate content.  Write original content, using the keywords you originally targeted the page for. Address your potential clients needs and let them know exactly how your product or service can help them with their immediate problem.

There is way to much to go over about how to create a good web page through the use headlines, bullets points, pictures, video, etc… to make the page look good. But remember the basics of Industrial SEO which is content is king. Good content which provides useful information about the pages main theme will get the attention of search engines and drive visitors to the site, where, hopefully you can convert them to actual clients.

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