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Weider History Group: Leesburg, VA

Weider History Group publishes award winning historical magazines from American History to the Civil War, WWII and Vietnam.

We were hired to perform search engine optimization on the site. After making an audit of the current web site content, we decided to take the existing content and reorganize it according to historical themes that were highly searched on in search engines.

The Results

After fixing some of the site’s SEO issues, we created 200 topic pages on historical subjects which linked out to the already existing articles about those subjects. Within a year, traffic from search engines had doubled and now accounts for almost 2 million additional visits per year.

Not only did the effort create millions of new visits per year, it made the site much easier to browse by historical subjects that the viewer is interested in. And all of this was done by simply leveraging the content that was already on the site. This is what we specialize in: optimizing content to attract the greatest number of web site visits.

A sample of the several hundred search phrases now enjoys first page rankings for:

  1. today in history
  2. famous women in history
  3. battle of vicksburg
  4. indian removal act
  5. abolitionist movement
  6. civil war facts
  7. causes of the civil war
  8. civil war weapons
  9. civil war generals
  10. battle of gettysburg facts
  • Client: Weider History Group
  • Date: June, 2013
  • Services: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising
  • URL:

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