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Hallmark Metals: Glendora, CA


Top Search Engine Rankings in The Most Competitive Market in the Nation

Hallmark Metals provides custom metal fabrication services in southern California. They make custom components for the defense and aerospace industries which are clustered in the southern California area.

This is a great example of what Net Marketing Adviserscan do for a firm in one of the most competitive markets in the country, Los Angeles.

We did the predesign research and let them know that it wasn’t realistic to expect a high ranking any time soon for some of the general terms relevant to their industry because of the volume of global competition for their market. So we targeted the site toward traffic that was looking for their services within their market, concentrating targeting initial rankings in their core market where their likely clients would come.

And the result?

Within 30 days, Hallmark was getting very high quality leads from very interested parties in their market for their core businesses. And how did these leads find them? From the fact that they were ranked #1 and #2 for the terms that these extremely qualified prospects were looking for. These are leads from purchasing agents in the defense and aerospace industry who are making enquires that lead to large contracts for and possible repeat business.

Hallmark’s #1 Google Rankings

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  • cnc turret punching los angeles
  • custom metal enclosures los angeles
  • metal enclosures for electronics southern california
  • precision metal components los angeles
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  • cnc punching southern california
  • cnc turret punching southern california

Hallmark’s Top 3 Google Rankings

  • precision turned parts los angeles
  • precision turning los angeles
  • cnc laser cutting southern california
  • metal turning southern california
  • precision sheet metal fabrication los angeles
  • custom metal stamping southern california
  • metal turning los angeles
  • cnc punching los angeles
  • precision sheet metal fabricators los angeles
  • precision metal fabrication los angeles
  • precision metal components southern california
  • custom cnc machining southern california
  • precision metal stamping los angeles
  • cnc turning southern california
  • custom laser cutting southern california
  • cnc turning los angeles

Attracting The Perfect Customer Base

Hallmark receives traffic from almost two hundred different search terms per month. The site is designed specifically to catch the greatest number of searches possible related to their business. These are people looking specifically for the products and services they provide.

  • Client: Hallmark Metals:
  • Date: August, 2013
  • Services: Website Redesign, Search Engine Optimization, Corporate Branding
  • URL:

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