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Pay Per Click Marketing Advice

Pay Per Click Marketing Advice

PPC Advice For Industrial Firms

Pay Per Click Marketing AdvicePay Per Click can be an important part of any industrial marketing campaign.  PPC for industrial firms is really not very different than consumer goods. The same basics apply. Good research, solid account structure, and good ad copy are vital for every online marketer, including manufacturing firms. Ad content should be tailored to your particular prospective buyer, whether an engineer, a general contractor, a plant manager, or a corporate executive. But other than that, the same basic list applies:

  • Good keyword research: You’re looking for three things: search volume, relevance to your product and services, the keywords commercial intent. All these things can be investigated using free third party tools. The trick is putting all the information together to decide which words to go with.
  • Well organized campaign structure: Once you’ve decided on your keywords, you must organize them for maximum return on investment. Keywords should be grouped into tight themes that correspond with their respective ads. So if you sell industrial filters as well as adhesives, then you definitely want the terms in separate ad groups with their own ads. Also, targeting your ads by geography, by time of day, or even by demographics can be vital to optimizing a PPC campaign.
  • Good Ad Copy: You only have 70 characters to tell your whole story. Make them count. Get their attention, entice them toward your site, but make sure you let them know what your product is and isn’t so you aren’t wasting clicks.
  • Negative Terms: An often overlooked portion of PPC, negative terms can dramatically increase your ROI, avoided irrelevant clicks. Words like free, cheap are the basics, but you can go a lot further than that. If you sell filters for warehouses, then a good negative terms would deal with automobiles. Run a search query report regularly to find more ideas for negative terms. A good ad along with a complete list of negative terms will help you achieve the highest return on investment for your online advertising dollar.

In short, solid PPC management is about doing the fundamentals right, and then knowing as many tricks and tweaks as possible.

Pay Per Click Management: Do it Yourself or Outsource?

If you only sell one particular product in one market, an industrial firm can easily do PPC themselves with just a little guidance online or from books. But if you sell a variety of products or are in a large volume market to different geographic areas, hiring a PPC professional can not only get better results but be less expensive as well. As a Google Certified Adwords Company, we not only know how to set up campaigns correctly, but also dozens of inside secrets to help optimize a campaign. Generally, all a company needs to achieve from a professionally managed PPC firm is a ten percent increase in ROI to absorb the cost of managing the account. We generally achieve efficiencies of many times that.

Feel free to call us for a free consultation on whether your particular market and product might benefit from professional pay per click management.

Link to Google Adwords help page, where you can learn the basics of how to set up a PPC account.
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