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Pay Per Click For Industrial Firms

Pay Per Click For Industrial Firms

Get in While The Getting Is Still Good

Pay Per Click For Industrial Firms is essential. Why? Because it’s still a secret in the industrial sector. It won’t be for long, believe me. I do internet marketing for both industrial firms and attorneys and I can tell you what has happened with attorneys. It used to be cheap to bid for terms related to the legal profession. That was just 18 months ago. Now, the prices have made it prohibitive for all the largest of firms.

The rich get richer.

Which brings me back to industrial firms. It’s still very cheap to advertise on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for industrial terms. And so EVERY industrial firm should be taking advantage of it while it’s still cheap. Because maybe in 2 years, it won’t be anymore. And if you haven’t become a big fish by then, you’re not going to be able to keep up.

Pay Per Click advertising might seem like it’s complicated, and in some ways it is. But every industrial firm MUST be doing it, at least on some level. There simply isn’t an option if you want to grow your business. The only prerequisite you need is to ask yourself this question: “How much is a new client worth to me?” Once you have that number, then you should look to Pay Per Click to see if you can make the return on investment work. In most cases, you can.

You can use the Google Keyword tool to look up search terms relevant to your business and see how much a click costs. And so if you decide that a new client is worth $200 and a click for your industry runs about $1.00, then you can make money on PPC with only a .05% conversion rate which is very low. More than likely you’ll have at the very least a one percent conversion rate (many run much higher) which means you will only be paying $100 per new client. So how many new clients would you want at $100? Probably as many as you can get.

This is the power of Pay Per Click for industrial firms. Though the golden age of PPC is over for many industries, it hasn’t for manufacturing firms. Which is why you must take advantage of it while the clicks are still cheap. As more companies get into the game, the costs go up. And the small firms get driven out.

Who is PPC best for? It works best for firms that sell large ticket items. If your average sale is $2,000 and you can purchase a potential client for one dollar, then you should be buying as many clicks as you can. Either way, Pay Per Click is an absolute must as part of any industrial internet marketing campaign.

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  1. I pay from 6 to 13 dollars a click. But have been using the ‘target cost-per-conversion’ setting for about a year. Was surprised the other day when I looked and saw my ad was in the number one spot. You’d think some dolt would outbid me just to get to number one. I see, and am judging, value based on results, and it’s not drawing strong competition. (And the lazy ad text they are using says they aren’t trying very hard, either.) So even at the dollar amount I’m at, there is a lot of room for growth.

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