Results Driven Internet Marketing For Industrial and B2B Firms

The Importance of Trade Directories

Also known as Business Directory, a Trade Directory is a business listing compiled as to industry, location, activity, or size.  It’s like an online yellow pages with information such as business name, mailing… Read More


Networking is a business activity where groups get together to create and inspire business opportunities. It is about building connections and maintaining relationships with mutual benefits. A business network… Read More


SEO is an important marketing strategy especially for small businesses. Without it, it’s like having a business without a signage. People won’t know that your business exists. There will be no opportunity to create… Read More

Search Engine Optimization Basics

Background Technology has provided the world with all the information each one of us needs – in just a blink of an eye, one click of a button, and one tap of a finger.  This vast array of information and seemingly… Read More

How to Use the Google Disavow Links Tool

The Right Way to Use Google’s Disavow Links Tool Spammy and low-quality links sent towards your site can affect how Google sees your site. You’ll be regarded as trying to gain unfair advantage and eventually get… Read More

Small Business Marketing Strategies

New businesses are started everyday. And those who start these businesses have to deal with how to market their products, ideas and services.  Let’s face it, a business can’t sell its products on its own, especially… Read More

Changes to the Google Algorithm, Part Three: What To Do About It

In the firs two parts of this series, I gave an overview of the major changes Google has recently made to both its ranking algorithm and its  willingness (or lack thereof)  to share its data with users. Now I’m… Read More

2013 Google Algorithm Changes Survival Guide

Part 1: Is SEO officially dead? (This is a the first of a series of three posts explaining the MAJOR changes Google has made and what it means for Industrial and B2B businesses who are trying to market on the internet.) The… Read More

Social Media For B2B Companies

The Internet has emerged from being an alternative learning and communication tool to being a basic commodity for everyone. Presently, the population of Internet users worldwide is currently near 3 billion people.… Read More

Marketing For Small Industrial Firms

Why Small Industrial Firms Need To Be Marketing Online I’m asked frequently how a small industrial firm can compete against larger firms with strong advertising budgets. My answer is always the same: the internet.… Read More