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Marketing For Small Industrial Firms

Marketing For Small Industrial Firms

Why Small Industrial Firms Need To Be Marketing Online

I’m asked frequently how a small industrial firm can compete against larger firms with strong advertising budgets. My answer is always the same: the internet. The internet has literally transformed the nature of advertising for a manufacturer and the fact is that playing field has largely been leveled. Most of the mediums where large firms are advertising aren’t seeing the traffic necessary to even justify the expense. The single best place you need to be advertising is online, where the majority of business buyers are looking for goods and services. This is where any firm needs to have exposure

And the good news is: you can be there just as easily as the big firm.

The reason you can be there is that the field of search engine optimization has largely skipped over the manufacturing trades, focusing almost entirely on consumer product companies and professional services firms like doctors, lawyer, and dentists. What this means is that the competition for the top spots in search engines is not that difficult, even for a small industrial firm. You simply need to do the right things to capture that invaluable real estate.

First, do your market research. Use the online tools to discover EXACTLY what your potential clients are searching for online. What words they are using and in what volumes.  Also, learn exactly how many of your competitors are targeting those search phrases and decide whether you can effectively compete for that term. You’d be amazed by how many high volume search terms are out there in the industrial field that have virtually no competition. The reason is that most companies, if they target certain phrases at all, tend to target the same ones. And usually there are other alternatives that, though they might not be quite as heavily searched, they can add up to an enormous flow of steady traffic to your website.

Once your market research is done, yo must create an online image for your firm that makes you look bigger than you are. You can do this in a number of ways. Add client logos to your site. Most companies, even large ones, don’t do this, so if you have four or five logos on your site, you’ll look big to most people. Also, client testimonials are great as well. No one knows how big these clients are. Half a dozen of these can make your firm look like a big shot.

So that’s the strategy in a nutshell. Target the right search phrases to get in front of a lot of online traffic and create a “big firm” image for yourself. You’ll be amazed at the results.


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  1. In big business advertising is done to create name recognition and then sale. But small business cannot afford that so design your advertising to produce sales instead of creating name recognition. Small business owner can start advertising while doing sale like putting offers in their advertising or put small ad on postcard and mail it to your targeted market. Peoples read postcards when they are brief. This can result in driving a high volume of traffic to your website and generate sales for a very small cost.

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