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Manufacturer Website Design

Manufacturer Website Design

How A Good Manufacturer Website Design Can Sell More Products

Manufacturing Website Design Website marketing isn’t just for retailers anymore. Sure, consumers are searching the web for retail products. But the truth is, businesses and government agencies are using the same search engines to investigate industrial and manufacturing products. From metal fabrication, to electronic equipment, to casting manufacturers, and construction equipment, every manufacturing firm can benefit from a good website design that increases traffic and generates sales.

What Makes A Good Manufacturer Website?

Simple. The same things that makes any website good. First, attract prospective clients. Second, provide useful, compelling information to those prospects. The second part your firm’s website may already have. Where the vast majority of manufacturing firm’s websites fail is the first part: attracting clients. The reason is that most industrial firms—along with most web designers who work on manufacturing sites—don’t believe that search engine optimization is important for them. Maybe that was true ten years ago, but today, nothing could be further from the truth. A well optimized website is vital to any industrial firm. And the best news is: the manufacturing sector is not nearly as competitive as many other online industries. So the cost of driving free, targeted traffic to your website is far less than other more competitive industries.

What It Takes To Optimize A Manufacturing Website

Optimizing any website is a combination of keyword targeting, site structure, page content, linking strategy, and building incoming links. With a manufacturing website, you start with research on what terms your potential clients are searching for. Once that is done, these terms must be prioritized, assigned to relevant web site pages, then incorporated into the page in strategic areas. Page content is then written in accordance with the targeted terms. Links inside the web site must also be designed in accordance with the targeted keywords.

How To Put It All Together

That’s the sixty four thousand dollar question, and the answer is: it’s not easy. Finding the hundreds of keywords that pertain to your particular industry is tough enough. Ranking them for popularity and competitiveness is even tougher. Then organizing them into relevant themed pages… harder still.

At Net Marketing Advisers, we use proprietary software which allows us not only to research the best terms for any manufacturing business, but to organize them in a way that ranks the site for the highest number of profitable search terms. The same software creates links which support the theme of the website, as well as gathering relevant external links. Doing this without the right tools is virtually impossible, as the sheer volume of disparate data will overwhelm anyone’s capacity to understand.

Website Design: United It Stands.  Divided It Falls.

With search engine optimization, unity is key. All aspects of the internet marketing campaign must support the same unified goal. If not, you’ll see no results with the search engines. And that is why a basic website designer is NOT qualified to create a good manufacturing website design. A good web designer must understand all aspects of search engine optimization. If not, your manufacturing website will be doomed to online obscurity.

Manufacturer Website Design: A Real World Example

To see a real world example of how a good manufacturing website helped one industrial firm greatly increase sales, read the case study on Envirosafe Industries, who now enjoys first page search engine rankings for over 25 different search terms and whose web site traffic was increased from 10 visitors per day to over 150!

Click here to read the Envirosafe case study.

Manufacturer Website Design: Your Most Important Marketing Decision

To effectiveness of your website to attract potential customers and to convert them into paying clients is perhaps the single most important marketing decision your firm will ever make. Don’t settle for your company brochure put up on a web site. Optimizing your website will make it the best sales force your manufacturing company has, and will pay dividends year after year.

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