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Local Search Marketing For Industrial Firms

Local Search Marketing For Industrial Firms

This is a niche topic and doesn’t apply to all industrial firms but for some it does. It’s called local search listings and it’s literally revolutionizing search engines. Search engines, like Google and Bing, in an effort to give their users the best information are now taking location into account as a factor of the search results. And it makes sense, since if you were searching for a dentist in Miami, do you really want to see a website for a dentist in Los Angeles?

No, so search engines are now providing search results for fields that they deem to be “Locally Relevant” that are very location driven.

So what does this mean form industrial firms. Nothing, if you happen to be in the business of selling specialty products worldwide. But if you are a machine shop, it is very important since it is the local listing that will ultimately decide where you rank amidst the search engines.

How can you tell if your industry is considered “Location Relevant?” Simple. Just do a search for your industry on a search engine and look at the results. If the results show listings as pin points on a map on the right hand side and listings down the left with corresponding letters, then you need make sure you are visible in the local search (or places as they are sometimes called) listing.

Your regular search engine listing and your local “Places” listing are not the same and you need to be aware of both, especially if it applies to your field. You need to create a places listing, or, if it has been created already (the search engines create them automatically from online directory information), then you need to claim your listing. The big thing is to make sure all the information is accurate, complete, and consistent amongst the search engines. If not, the search engines will consider them separate listings, and your online “presence” will be diluted.

I can’t stress this enough if your business has local search results. These listings are taking over the first page of the search engines. And the firms that optimize these listing the best are poised to thrive as time goes by. Like regular search engine listings, these “Places” listings must be optimized correctly for best results. And like the organic listings, the pay off is enormous as these listings are FREE.

Net Marketing Advisersoffers a local places listing optimization and submission service for industrial firms as part of its complete industrial marketing service. It’s just another tool in our arsenal to drive targeted traffic to your website and get you new clients


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