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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization (Part 1)

keyword researchFirst is keyword research. Targeted the right keywords is the goal of the entire industrial marketing campaign. And like anything else in life, if you don’t have a goal, you have virtually no chance at succeeding. I see web sites all the time with no goal. In fact, I would say that the majority of web sites I see have no target audience in mind. That’s not to say that the site has no theme. It’s just not done correctly, which is to say that it will relegated to online obscurity. No web site should be designed without thorough keyword research to find search volume, competition amongst competitors, and commercial intent of all prospective search terms. The terms must be analyzed, prioritized and grouped before a single word of a web site is written. Without this, your marketing campaign will have no goal, and with no goal, you can be sure you won’t achieve good results.

So let’s start with some of the tools available for discovering the best keywords for your particular niche.

  • Keyword Ideas: There are literally hundreds of tools for finding keywords. One of the best also happens to be free. It’s the Google Keyword tool. Just type in a word at the top and it will give you keyword ideas for that word along with traffic statistics. Hint: You can also get keywords from a website and a good one to use for that is a site that ranks high in your niche. So do a search for your market niche, grab the highest ranked site, copy the URL and paste it in the Google keyword tool. Google will get suggestions based on that. Go to Google Keyword Tool
  • Commercial Intent: Microsoft has a tool to measure a keyword’s commercial intent, meaning how likely that keyword is to lead someone to a buying decision rather than just information gathering. Just plug the keyword in, and it will return a number, the higher the better. This gives valuable insight into whether a keyword will be profitable or not.  Go to  Microsoft Commercial Intent Detector Tool
  • Geographic Interest: Google Insights will give you data about the interest of a search term by geographic area. It will also give suggestions of related terms that have been rising lately. A good tool for niche term ideas.  Go to Google Insights

These free tools will give you the basics to start your research toward a solid industrial search engine optimization campaign.

And once you have your targeted keywords set, it’s time to start with the structure of your website.

Go to part 2: web site structure

Five Part Series On Search Engine Optimization

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  1. Selection of right keyword is first step in On page optimization, there are many tools which helps in getting right keywords like Google adword tool, Google keyword suggestion tool, select right keyword that is relevant to content and use it in content.

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