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Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Search Engine Optimization (Part 5)

Internal LinkingIn part 4 of our series on search engine optimization we went over the importance of creating quality original content.  Now that the page is written, it’s time to think about how to link the pages together. Linking is an important part of your website structure. In a nutshell, links not only move you around the website, they help tell the search engines which pages are related and what they are about.

Now, you’re probably thinking, aren’t all pages on the web site related to each other. The answer is: sort of. Yes, they are related in a general sense but it doesn’t mean they should all link to one another. Going back to the example of an industrial firm that manufacturers tubing and hoses. You wouldn’t want your pages about particular hoses to link to pages about particular tubes. This would confuse the search engines as to the theme of these particular pages. The tube pages link to each other as well as to the overall category page about tubes. That’s it. The tube category page links up to the home page and the home page links back to it as well as the hose category page, which in turn links down to the individual hose pages.

This is not only an efficient structure for your visitors, it helps define the theme of each page correctly, helping its search engine ranking. Your individual pages will rank for their specific term. The category page will rank well for its category. The home page will rank well for the overall keyword theme.

The second factor to consider is the text of the link itself. This is a factor used by search engines to tell what the linked page is about. So links to your specific pages should be the product names themselves (5″ diameter double-wall rubber hose) while the links to the home page should be the broad keyword theme (Industrial Tubes and Hoses). One thing you should never do is use the word “Link” as the text of any link. That is a waste of valuable SEO space. Instead of saying “Industrial Hoses: Link”, rewrite it to say “Go our Industrial Hoses page”

Simple things like using the proper anchor text for internal links can make an enormous difference in how well any industrial marketing campaign performs. And now that website is filled with well-designed pages of quality content that link well to each other using keyword rich anchor text, it’s time to publish the site and begin focusing on acquiring high quality external links.

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