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Industrial Web Site DesignAn effective industrial website must do two things well. First, it must attract online visitors by means of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Second, convert those visitors into paying customers. Most manufacturing firm web sites fail at both these tasks, neither attracting visitors from search engines or impressing those visitors by conveying your firm as an authority in its field. And this is precisely why so many manufacturing firms don’t do anything about their outdated website. They know their web site is bad, but since no one goes to it, who really cares?

You should. Don’t assume that since you don’t get business from your web site, that no one is searching online for what you sell.  Just look at the numbers to the right side of this page to get an idea of just how many searches are performed online for industrial and B2B goods and services. The truth is, odds are good there is enormous online demand for the products you sell.

These people just aren’t finding you.

So how do you turn your obsolete, obscure web site into your firm’s most valuable marketing tool? It’s all a matter of focusing on the two basics. Rank with the search engines to get traffic. Convert that traffic to customers.

Ranking With The Search Engines Through SEO

Industrial Web DesignTo be found on the internet, you must be found on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. These search engines rank all the web sites in the world against their competitors. Quality content, web site architecture, and proper site linking all play a role in solid search engine optimization (SEO) techniques which help web sites vault to the top of the search engine rankings pages. Most people have no idea what makes a web site optimized for search engines. And you don’t have to understand it. Just know that SEO is the key to online marketing success, because if the search engines aren’t impressed by your web site, chances are good it won’t be seen by humans at all. And no online traffic means no online sales.

How We Create Industrial Web Sites That Rank So High

Manufacturer Websites

At Net Marketing Advisers, we employ a proven system for creating industrial web sites that rank high in search engines. We perform thorough keyword research in your market to see exactly what terms people are searching for. This can be dozens or even hundreds of targeted search terms. Then we take that massive data and craft your web site around it, building the individual web pages to attract a different set of relevant search terms. Then it’s all put together in an attractive format that has proven itself time and again to rank high in search engines. We also add convenient features for the users like print-friendly page options, smart phone integration, web 2.0 capabilities, social media integration, custom contact forms, quote requests, as well as built-in expansion capabilities for blogs, videos, company news, and more.

It’s a complete marketing system rather than an electronic brochure. And it all adds up to one thing. High search engine rankings, greater traffic, and more online sales.

Net Marketing Advisers: Your Industrial Web Design Solution

Either taking your existing website or designing a new site from scratch, we have low cost, high impact website designs for any industrial or manufacturing firm. We design websites that will increase your business, regardless of your firm’s size or marketing budget. Even the smallest firms can benefit greatly by a website design that attracts new business. And we have optimized designs that will fit into even the tightest marketing budgets.

A No-Obligation Web Site Design Consultation

Industrial Marketing ConsultationFill out the form at the top of this page to receive a Free Consultation on how we can design a web site that will increase your firm’s sales. The person contacting you will not be a salesman but the web designer/internet marketing consultant who would be in charge of all aspects of researching, designing, and implementing your industrial marketing campaign. It’s as low pressure as it gets. So contact us today and see how we can help your firm thrive in the internet age. Or, if you’re not ready for that, but just want to know what the online demand is for your firm’s market niche, fill out the form in the middle of the page. We’ll send you the data from the search engines which show exactly how many people are searching online for the products and/or services your firm sells.

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Additional Information on Industrial Web Design

Design Elements

Research: Defining target market and identifying potential customer base. Researching historical keyword search terms for industrial product line. Analyzing competition in online niche. Identifying targeted keywords for each page of website.

Web Site Design: Developing overall content theme of site as well as sub-themes of individual web pages. Designing proper structure of site to enhance search engine optimization.

Content Writing: This is critical for the success of any industrial website design. The content of each page must be created with its predetermined theme. Most web design firms get this wrong and their search engine rankings suffer mightily because of it. Content is king with search engines, and each page must be written according to its optimized blueprint. We use a proven method of content integration which insures that your page content will help boost your overall search engine ranking as well as helping drive visitors to the desired action.

Pay Per Click: Paid advertising makes sense for most industrial and manufacturing firms for the simple reason that most markets are not very competitive. This means the cost per click is very low while, because of the technical aspect of the subject matter, the conversion rates are high. This is particularly the case when the cost of your product is high. We run thorough research on the demand for your product or service as well as the cost and determine whether industrial pay per click is right for your firm.

Building Links: After your web site is completed, we recommend you implement a plan to gather links to the site. Links are an important factor in search engine rankings and cannot be overlooked. We use a system of building links which is inexpensive and effective, using directories, press releases, and social media.

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Resources: Usability guidelines for industrial web designs from US government.

Throughout your Web design or redesign project, you should take advantage of what is already known about best practices for each step of the process. The Research-Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines, compiled through an extensive process of research and review, bring you those best practices. Link to Web Site Design Guidelines


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Providing Web Site Design Services To Clients Nationwide

From our office in Southern California, Net Marketing Advisers LLC provides Web Site Design services to clients throughout California including San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego as well as nationwide. We have clients in Texas, Florida, New York, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia. We serve industrial, manufacturing and B2B firms in various industries and company size. Check out our client portfolio page to see examples of the Web Site Design we create for clients that perform as well as they look.