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Information on Pay Per Click (PPC) for industrial and manufacturing firms


The Effectiveness Of Pay Per Click Advertising

The Real Score on Ebay’s Findings with Regards to the Effectiveness of Adwords Google’s pay-per-click advertising method is generally patronized by most businesses that are seeking for massive exposure over… Read More

Top Ten Reasons PPC Fails For Industrial Firms (Part 3)

Number Seven: Having no idea of Quality Score, what it means, and how to improve it. Quality Score is a very important factor on how often your ad shows, and how much you pay for the click. If you don’t know what it is… Read More

Top Ten Reasons PPC Fails For Industrial Firms (Part 2)

Number Four: Giving little to no thought to the Ad itself. Optimizing your campaign for the right search terms, the right area, the right time, and the right bid is just half the work in getting a good campaing. The ads themselves… Read More

Top 10 Reasons Pay Per Click Fails For Industrial Firms (Part One)

Number One: Setting up a Google Adwords account in 30 minutes without real knowledge. When you see the Google Advertising banner ad, telling you that you can get 75 dollars in free clicks, and you decide to try it, it seems… Read More

Google Display Network For Industrial Firms

Is the Display Network A Good Idea For Industrial Firms? I recently had a client who asked me to take a look at their Pay Per Click campaign to see why it was costing them so much money. This seemed strange to me since their… Read More

Is Pay Per Click Profitable For Industrial Firms

It’s All A Matter Of Running The Numbers When I’m asked whether Pay Per Click makes sense for industrial firms, I always say the answer is: it depends on the market. And the way to decide whether it makes sense… Read More

Google Adwords Quality Score

It’s All About The Money The entire face of PPC has changed recently with the recent overhaul of Google’s Quality Score. Many advertisers, including myself, have seen massive changes to their accounts.… Read More

Pay Per Click For Industrial Firms

Get in While The Getting Is Still Good Pay Per Click For Industrial Firms is essential. Why? Because it’s still a secret in the industrial sector. It won’t be for long, believe me. I do internet marketing… Read More

Pay Per Click Marketing Advice

PPC Advice For Industrial Firms Pay Per Click can be an important part of any industrial marketing campaign.  PPC for industrial firms is really not very different than consumer goods. The same basics apply. Good… Read More