Results Driven Internet Marketing For Industrial and B2B Firms

Industrial Pay Per Click Many people in the manufacturing and industrial sectors mistakenly believe that pay per click advertising is only for people selling consumer goods. They couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is that the pay per click advertising is oftentimes better suited for industrial and B2B firms than consumer goods. First, the online demand for industrial and manufacturing goods and services is extremely high. And second, the competition amongst online advertisers is a mere fraction of what you see in consumer product lines so the costs are lower. Add to that the fact that people searching for business to business goods and services are more likely to buy than consumers and you can see that PPC advertising is tailor made for industrial and manufacturing firms.

The Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising For Industrial Firms Include:

  • Industrial firms generally sell their items at higher prices than consumer items
  • Industrial firms generally pay a lower rate for advertising
  • The ROI for industrial firm advertising is generally greater than consumer firms

All this adds up to one thing: pay per click advertising is something that every industrial and B2B firm needs to look into. It’s possible to receive online leads for industrial items that run in the tens of thousands of dollars for pennies per lead. And these aren’t blind leads. These are people actually searching for their particular product.

Industrial PPC Advertising: Knowledge is Power

Industrial PPCThe key to a successful pay per click advertising campaign is a combination of research, insight, and good old fashioned salesmanship. At Net Marketing Advisers, we’ve already designed, implemented, and tested hundreds of pay per click campaigns. We know how to optimize paid search campaigns to maximize the return on investment. We do comprehensive keyword research, use proper campaign structure, weed out useless clicks, and use sophisticated tracking and reporting tools to help optimize your campaign. Different ads will be tested and non-performing campaigns will be eliminated. And with the regular reports we send you, you’ll know exactly how much money you are spending, so you can judge the effectiveness of the overall campaign yourself.

Industrial Pay Per Click: A Quick Return On Investment

One of the main benefits of pay per click advertising is the quick response. No waiting for results. No large up-front investments. You pay only for the leads that are generated, so the return on your advertising dollars comes right away. Many industrial firms like to start slowly with pay per click to see how it works, and that’s fine. The budget is controlled entirely by you. Then, as you see a return on your initial budget, you can increase the budget accordingly. All in all, there is little reason not try it, at least on a small scale. The investment is so low and the potential returns so great that it’s worth it for just about any firm to test it out.

Why You Need an Adwords Expert

We take on clients regularly for PPC campaigns that have tried to implement the campaigns themselves only to find that they see little return for their money. The truth is that PPC can be incredibly effective or incredibly ineffective, depending on getting the details right. Simple mistakes in setting up a PPC campaign can create massive inefficiencies. In fact, we’ve lowered advertising costs for some industrial advertisers by 70 percent while increasing ROI by just small changes to their campaigns.

We love PPC for industrial firms for the simple reason that it works. It’s a great means of marketing that can be implemented inexpensively without much upfront cost and provides a return quickly.

For more information, read the blog post on the top ten reasons PPC fails for industrial firms

Net Marketing Advisers: A Full Service Marketing Firm

Manufacturer PPC CompanyNet Marketing Advisersoffers low cost, high impact industrial PPC services for industrial or manufacturing firms. Our pay per click services and organic marketing campaigns will dramatically increase your sales, regardless of your company size or marketing budget. We’ve helped even the smallest firms rapidly expand through pay per click as well as organic search engine marketing.

A True No-Obligation PPC Consultation

Industrial Marketing ConsultationCall us at 877-250-1816 or fill out the form at the top of this page to receive a Free Consultation on how we can help your manufacturing firm effectively market itself on the internet through pay per click and organic search engine optimization. You will be contacted not be a salesman but the pay per click consultant who would be in charge of all aspects of your entire campaign. It’s as low pressure as it gets. So contact us today and see how we can help your manufacturing firm thrive in the internet age. Or, if just want to know what the online demand is for your firm’s market niche, fill out the form in the middle of the page. We’ll send you the data from the search engines which show exactly how many people are searching online for the products and/or services your firm sells.

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Additional information about Industrial PPC

List of major pay per click advertisers we work with:

  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo
  • Bing/MSN
  • AOL
  • Ask
  • Kanoodle
  • Miva
  • Enhance
  • Goclick
  • Epilot
  • MyAds (Formally Twitter)
  • LinkedIn
  • FaceBook

Excerpt from article from about Google Adwords

Google AdWords, the “Sponsored Links” that appear to the right of your main search results on Google, offer small businesses in particular a relatively low cost and flexible way to pitch their wares and generate traffic to their Web site.This post briefly explains pay-per-click advertising based on the Google AdWords model – how it works, discusses ways you can determine if it’s right for your business, and offers lessons learned from other small business owners.

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