Results Driven Internet Marketing For Industrial and B2B Firms

Social MediaSocial Media may not be as important for manufacturers as say celebrities, but it shouldn’t be overlooked by industrial and B2B firms. In fact social media should be a part of all business’s overall internet marketing plan. Though most social media sites are aimed at consumers, there are several good social media sites for businesses, including Linked In. Also You Tube is a wonderful way to get your message broadcast in an entirely new medium. Lastly, blogging is great way to expand your firm’s online presence and connect with your clients.

A Blog: A very important aspect, even for manufacturing firms. It allows you to add more content to your industrial web site (which is good), allows people to find you by different and expanding means, and allows you to connect with your clients and prospects on a more personal basis.

  • Create a blog
  • Create relevant categories
  • Write articles on these categories
  • Link these articles back to relevant pages on your main site.
  • Keep posting on a regular basis
This alone can help you expand your business and increase your search engine rankings. Set aside time to do this on a regular basis. Search engines love sites that are updated regularly.

Linked In: It is the preeminent business social media site. You should definitely get a profile and use it to network.

Facebook: Facebook is everywhere and you should definitely join, not only so you can speak to your grandchildren but so the hundreds of millions of people who use it can find your business.

  • Get a Facebook Profile
  • Get a Facebook business page
  • Connect your business page to your website and vice-versa

It’s as simple as that. You should also encourage people to “Like” your website because search engines take notice.

Industry Specific Sites: Join industry specific associations. Use search engines to find relevant sites and join into the conversation. Get a link from their websites.

Article Marketing: Write authoritative and useful articles about your industry. Submit them to article directories.

Summary: Once you join these sites, make sure you connect them all to your main website, as well as connecting back to them from your website. The goal of social media (and internet marketing in general) is to expand your online presence, to grab as much internet real estate as you can. Social media is another tool in the marketing arsenal, and all wise businesses would be foolish to overlook it.