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Industrial Marketing Research Proper industrial marketing research is the key to the success of any internet marketing campaign. Unfortunately, for most internet marketing consultants, it is also the most overlooked step. Proper marketing research involves getting a laser focus on your potential customers. Knowing your product line helps here. Obviously, if you sell fuel products, then your clients are people searching for those fuel products. The question is: are they searching for fuel products in general, specific fuel parts, even manufacturers names and part numbers?

This is vital information, and it is imperative that you know it if your web site is going to attract the greatest number of potential clients. This data exists, and it is very precise. The problem is: it comes from many different sources. Most people don’t know where to get it, fewer still know how to put it together in a way that maximizes your online exposure.

Industrial Marketing Research: Gathering the Data

Manufacturing Market ResearchAt Net Marketing Advisers, we use multiple data sources as well as proprietary software which puts together in a way that allows us to easily target the most likely prospects to purchase your industrial products. This includes getting search engine volume data, demographics, search trends, as well as data on the commercial value of potential search terms. All this data—potentially hundreds, even thousands of search terms—must be analyzed, rated, prioritized, then organized into relevant themes that will be the basis of the site’s pages.

Industrial Marketing Research: Putting the Data Together

Industrial Marketing Research Internet

The next step is to use that data to create a web site that targets the greatest amount of search traffic, and to convert that traffic into increased sales. Web pages are created that attract traffic themselves, as well as bolstering other pages in the site. Special attention needs to be paid to add common modifiers and related terms, so the site ranks for the greatest number of more specific—what is known as “long-tail” searches.

Once these keywords are identified, they must be targeted to the specific places in your site where they gain the greatest impact: meta tags, file names, H1, H2 tags, anchor text for links, as well as interspersed within the content itself. Done correctly, it will create the overall impact of establishing a well-defined theme to each page as well as the site itself as a whole. This will get the attention of search engines, who will reward your site with a higher ranking and will, in turn, drive more internet traffic to your site.

Industrial Marketing Research: How We Do It

At Net Marketing Advisers, we use a proven system to get the most of our marketing research. We use several sources for our keyword research, gathering as many as 3,000 potential search terms for your market niche. Then we take that data and feed it into our proprietary software which allows us to organize it into categories which become the basis of individual web pages. Each page is targeted for a different group of keywords and together they end up attracting an enormous amount of online traffic. Once the target for each page is set, we build the pages around it, linking them correctly and adding content which strengthens the ranking for that particular group.

The Net Marketing AdvisersDifference

As a full service industrial marketing company, we understand the importance of industrial marketing research. We go to great lengths to make sure it is utilized in a way that benefits our client’s bottom lines. And the results?

  • Steady, qualified web site traffic
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Increased sales and revenue

We’ve helped many firms expand their sales in a variety of industrial and manufacturing industries. Fill out the form at the top of the page to get a free no-obligation consultation of what the potential is for your firm’s particular niche and how much it will cost to become an online authority in your particular industry. We pride ourselves and doing the thorough research required to make any online marketing campaign a success. And once the research is done, we craft a plan that will tie it all in to a web site that will draw traffic and convert visitors.

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