Results Driven Internet Marketing For Industrial and B2B Firms

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Industrial Marketing ProjectsWith the trend of business and industrial buyers looking to the internet for information rather than print and trade publications, the question naturally arises: what can a manufacturing company do to increase their visibility online? It’s a more important question than most people realize. Industrial internet marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate new business. And many of the things you can do increase your online visibility are not difficult or expensive.
So here’s your list of simple things a manufacturer can do to thrive online.

  • Local Business Listings. Easy, simple and free, this allows people in your area to find your business both on computer and smart phones. Some local business listing providers are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yellow Pages.
  • Search Engine Optimization. Simple SEO of an existing website can make a dramatic difference in your search engine ranking. Many web sites, especially older sites, were designed without SEO in mind, and their rankings suffer because of it. In many industrial niches, very few sites are optimized and thus simple changes to existing web pages can make a dramatic differences in your search engine ranking.
  • Pay Per Click. Paying for advertising in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can be a great way for manufacturers to gain new clients. Most sectors in the industrial sectors are not very competitive, and so the cost of web site visitors can be very low. For as low as pennies a click, you can be at the top of search engines for many terms. This is often the most profitable advertising medium an industrial company can have.

Of course, the best way to make an impact online is to incorporate all of the above into a unified industrial marketing campaign. Call us and we will provide free of charge both the potential online traffic in your industrial niche and how difficult it would be to rank highly for that niche.

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