Results Driven Internet Marketing For Industrial and B2B Firms

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industrial marketing plan A good industrial marketing plan sets the foundation for your firm’s future success. And the most important part of that plan should be your plan for marketing online. Why online? As Thomas Net says, “97% of all industrial purchasing is initiated by the buyer, not the seller.” Business buys out of necessity.” And yet the vast majority of industrial firms are still focusing on searching for new customers without putting an ounce of effort into the simple, readily available, and immensely profitable process of letting customers find you.

Simple process?

Yes, far simpler than the process of chasing after clients. And far more cost effective to implement. Really, all you need to do is put yourself in the place where your potential clients are looking. And that place is the internet, through search engines.

Industrial Marketing Plan: SEO Is The Key

Industrial Marketing ProjectsSearch Engine Optimization is the process of designing your web site in a way that ranks it highly in the search engine results pages. Understand this: the top spots in the search engines represent the most valuable real estate in the world. In many industries, it’s almost impossible to claim this real estate. But in the industrial and manufacturing industries, this priceless real estate is still available. And so if your someone who believes that search engine optimization isn’t for industrial firms, I say: It is exactly for industrial firms.

Why? Because it works. And it’s cost effective.

Industrial Marketing: It works

For most people, this hardly needs to be substantiated. Most people use search engines themselves to get the information they need to make their buying decisions. Over 100 billion searches are made on the internet each month. The search volume statistics for industrial and manufacturing firms are equally impressive. I’ve included some monthly search numbers for some popular industrial niches at the right hand side of this page.

Industrial Marketing Plan: It’s Cost Effective

Manufacturing Marketing PlanThis is the surprising thing for most people. And it’s the reason why internet marketing is so important for industrial and manufacturing firms. In general, you’re not competing against top-notch competition. Most industrial websites aren’t optimized at all. Those that are generally aren’t very good. Each industry is different, but in general, it does not cost a great deal to claim the most valuable real estate in your particular industry. At Net Marketing Advisers, we are very knowledgeable and efficient at what we do. In general, the investment to optimize your website is recouped within months, not years. And as long as your particular niche isn’t too competitive, maintaining your high ranking is not expensive either. A modest link building campaign will not only generate new sales, but also help ensure your keep your valuable search engine ranking.

We’ve helped many firms expand their sales in a variety of industrial and manufacturing industries. Fill out the form at the top of the page to get a free no-obligation consultation of what the potential is for your firm’s particular niche and how much it will cost to become an online authority in your particular industry.

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