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Industrial Marketing Management Managing a successful online marketing campaign for an industrial or manufacturing firm is no different than any other company. And that is precisely why so many industrial and manufacturing firms simply aren’t successful at it. They don’t practice industrial marketing management because they don’t believe internet marketing is relevant for their type of company. They believe that the people searching for industrial goods are different from regular consumers. That may have been true ten years ago, but it no longer is. The fact is, suppliers, government purchasers, engineers, and business owners are all using the same methods to find what they are searching for that consumers do: search engines. And so an effective industrial marketing management is crucial for any manufacturing firm and is one of the most important industrial marketing services we provide.

Understanding Your Customers… And The Search Engines.

Most industrial firms fail at both, simply because they are too focused on their own product: what it does, how it does it, why it works the way it does. The truth is: people don’t really care, not even the engineers and suppliers… at least not at first. Your job, whether it’s marketing online or in print, is to get their attention, address their concerns, and show them how your product will make the immediate problem in their life go away.

That’s understanding your customers. Most people get that.

What most people don’t have a clue about is the second part: understanding search engines. And this is just as important, because without an understanding of search engines, there is no first part… because there is no customers, at least not nearly as many. You must understand search engines if you ever hope to attract new clients to your website. And so a good industrial marketing management plan will carefully blend the two.

Putting the Two Together

Here’s the good news: the skills for both parts of the job are generally the same. Search engines are designed to mimic the thinking of people, and every day they get better at it. So the one goal you need to keep in mind when trying to manage an online marketing campaign is this: give your potential clients what they want.

Now of course just like anything else in life, it sounds simple. In reality it’s very difficult. Every aspect of your marketing campaign must not only work on its own, but must also work in unison with each other. And that’s where we come in. We take care of all the technical aspects: putting all the pieces of the campaign together. And that leaves you to focus on helping us create and deliver a compelling and consistent message through a variety of online mediums including web site, directories, articles, press releases, videos, social media, and more.

Each piece of the puzzle not only helps generate traffic on its own, but helps the overall ranking and authority of the site itself. Effective industrial marketing management is just one of the industrial marketing services we provide our clients. Click here to learn more about how our industrial marketing consultants can vastly increase your business through internet marketing.

Keeping Things Fresh

One of the factors search engines use when ranking web sites is the freshness of the content. Which is why proper industrial marketing management goes well beyond simply creating a web site. The content should be updated regularly. This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Add a company news page
  • Add a blog
  • Regularly add new drawings, specifications, etc…

All these things are ways to keep the search engines coming back to your site to see if things are new. And if they find them, they will reward you with higher rankings.  Industrial marketing management is just one of the services we offer in our comprehensive industrial marketing services.

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