Results Driven Internet Marketing For Industrial and B2B Firms

“What is The Definition of Industrial Marketing?”

industrial marketing questions There is a great deal of misconception about marketing for industrial and manufacturing firms, especially in today’s internet age. It used to be that marketing for businesses and consumers were two very different things. But now we find that people, whether searching for consumer goods or industrial goods and services for their business, all rely on the same vehicle for information. Search engines. So these days, marketing for an industrial firm is very similar to marketing a company that targets consumers. Of course the information is presented differently, but the same marketing techniques apply. Unfortunately, most industrial firms are way behind in this transformation and are still relaying on old outdated means of advertising their products.

What Are The Trends Of Industrial Marketing?
In a word: the internet. The proliferation of search engines has changed the very way people search for information, including the way that businesses search for the goods and services they need. Gone are the days people searched through trade journals for information. These days, it all comes down to search engines. Other trends include online public relations, social media, and video marketing, which are all part of an overall manufacturing marketing plan.
Is Internet Marketing Important For Manufacturing Firms?
Well, that’s a simple question really. Do you want your client base to expand or decline. If your business is relying on outdated marketing methods, then you are literally becoming less relevant in your industry by the year. The fact is, internet marketing is not only the most effective means of marketing, it is also the least expensive. Multiple avenues are available for manufacturers on the internet including search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and social media. Learn more about Social Media for manufacturers and industrial firms.
What Types Of Industrial Marketing Are There?
Traditional forms of industrial marketing include advertising in trade journals and magazines, renting booths at trade shows, using manufacturers reps to sell products. The market for these traditional advertising mediums have been steadily dwindling as more industrial goods and services buyers go to the internet to find what they are looking for. Many firms have not kept up with this shift in search behavior, and are losing sales because of it. The truth is, your potential customers are now primarily using search engines to find industrial products and services.
How Much Does Industrial Marketing Cost?
Of course, the costs of an online industrial marketing campaign vary depending on the size and scope of the project, but a general redesign of an existing industrial website can be the best return on investment your firm can make. For investment as low as a few thousand dollars, you can achieve steady consistent traffic to your web site. Pay per click advertising can add more traffic at pennies per visit. Internet advertising offers the best return on investment of an form of advertising. And the best news is that, in the industrial market, the competition is often not very strong. So even minor efforts can achieve enormous results. Think about it. Incredibly competitive fields like weight loss pills and digital cameras would require multiple six figure investments to rank for in order to sell products for 40 dollars. Many industrial firms are selling products in the thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, and they can achieve high search engine rankings for under five thousand dollars. The return on investment is enormous. And it is something every industrial and manufacturing firm should be taking advantage of, because the truth is: most firms are just starting to wise up to the potential of internet marketing. Each year you wait it becomes more difficult—and more expensive—to claim the top spots in the search engine rankings.
What Is The Size Of The Industrial Market Online?
The numbers are astounding, as evidenced by the chart at the top of this page. Over 110,000 searches performed each month on Google for variations of the term “electronic components.” Over 165,000 searches performed each month for “Welding Equipment.” Even niche terms like “Sand Casting” receive over 60,000 searches per month. Tapping into the online traffic for your market niche can provide an enormous pool of potential new clients. And remember, the evolution of the internet is only growing stronger. So any effort you make to bolster your online presence will only grow over time.
What Are The Elements Of A Good Industrial Marketing Campaign?
  • Pre-Design Research: We do extensive research into your market to find the best search terms for your industrial website to target. Then we carefully craft the site to target the broadest range of relevant, high-traffic search terms. When done correctly, a good web site can target 50 or more search terms, adding up to enormous increases in web traffic.  We also incorporate pay per click advertising into the marketing mix, generating even more targeted web traffic at low prices.
  • Home Page: The home page is obviously the most important page on the site, as the vast majority of all viewers will arrive on the site from that page. It should do three things: let people know instantly what the site is about. Establish yourself as an authority in your market. Provide easy navigation to all the parts/services your manufacturing firm provides. Build trust through testimonials, success stories, and media coverage, awards, firm longevity, etc… Make it easy and comfortable for them to contact your industrial firm.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Every page of the web site should be designed with search engines in mind. This means using meta tags to tell the search engine what the page is about, and keeping the content consistent with these tags to show that the web page is an authority page on that subject.
  • Address Your Customer’s Needs: The manufacturing product or service you sell was designed to solve a problem. And if you’ve done your SEO correctly, it’s these people who will be on your web site. So let these people know exactly how you can solve that problem for them better than anyone else in your industry. Focus on what the benefit is for them? Focus on that, and your web pages will write themselves
  • Call To Action: Once you’ve established attention, trust and credibility, then go for the sale. Tell them how you are going to help them then ask them to act. “Call us for a quote.” “Fill out the form for a free consultation.”
Is Industrial Marketing Necessary?
Internet marketing is no longer an option for any company, including firms that sell primarily to businesses rather than consumers. The reality is that whether it’s a consumer looking for a weight-loss product or an industrial purchaser looking for a new laser cutting production machinery, the source they are going to is the same: the internet. And the numbers favor industrial companies more, because in general, the cost of the goods are higher in the manufacturing sector while the cost of internet advertising is lower. And with so many people searching for your products, there is absolutely no excuse for any manufacturer or supplier of industrial goods not to be marketing their products or services on the internet. So yes, industrial marketing is necessary.
Is Industrial Marketing Affordable For Small Manufacturers and B2Bs?
Yes. An online marketing campaign is affordable for even small companies. We have created targeted internet marketing campaigns for companies of all size, but we specialize in small to medium size firms who want to be able to compete with larger firms online. The good news is that the more targeted your products and services, the lower the cost as there are fewer goods and services to have to optimize on online channels. Any firm, no matter its size, needs to have some sort of advertising budget, and statistics show that the smaller the firm, the greater the advantage of internet marketing over traditional marketing channels. The key though, is that the campaign MUST be effective. An online presence that draws no traffic will achieve no results. You must find an industrial advertising firm that had proven results in driving traffic to client’s web sites. Check out our portfolio page to see the kind of consistent results we achieve for our clients. Results like this are what achieves the high advertising ROI that firms are looking for.
How Long Does It Take To Get Results From An Online Industrial Marketing Campaign?
This is a good question because it really depends on a number of factors: if there is a current web presence for the firm, how long they have been in business, and the market they are targeting, but with the campaigns we create that target the widest possible channels of traffic, you can be confident in achieving increased online traffic within a month of the launch. Usually, traffic increases start very quickly, growing slowly but steadily over the months and fully implement themselves in 12-24 months.
How Does Industrial Marketing Differ From Consumer Marketing?
The distinction is becoming more blurred all the time, as everyone, including manufacturers, embrace the channels of internet marketing, social media, etc… Still the distinctions exist. Business to Business prospects expect more detailed information, more facts, and more substantiation of any claims. This can be a plus for any B2B business however because so many industrial firms overlook this on their websites. The strategy for B2B marketing is simple: identify your target market, learn what your potential clients are looking for, and give it to them. Give it to them on your website, in your publications, in every communication you make.
Are There Industrial Marketing Case Studies?
We have helped many manufacturing and industrial firms greatly increase their sales and revenue through internet marketing. Like any investment a company makes, internet marketing must be judged by its potential ROI. The good news is that a good internet marketing plan can provide the best return on investment of any marketing avenue. To read how we helped specific industrial firms, please visit our Client Portfolio page.