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Industrial Internet Advertising

Industrial Internet Advertising

The Dying Print Advertising Industry

Industrial Internet AdvertisingI was speaking recently with a sales consultant from Industry Net about advertising with their company when the representative said something interesting. She said that the ad is not only included in the web site but also the print edition, which she added as an aside very few people read anymore.

It made me think that it wasn’t too long ago that it was the other way around. Industrial Internet Advertising  You paid for a listing in their print directory and got as a bonus a listing on their new web site. It’s the same with the phone books. You used to get calls from them trying to sell you print ads. Recently, I got a call from my AT&T rep trying to sell me internet marketing services. The phone books are now the phone web sites and they are now in the business of selling listings on their websites (both free and paid).

Speaking of paid ads, there used to be three choices for PPC: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Now, there’s at least 20, with more coming every week. Keeping up with this evolution is not easy, but it is vital. Industrial Marketing is now almost synonymous with internet marketing. And internet marketing is changing daily. The good news is that, with great change, there are great opportunities. The key is to stay at the forefront. Social media, directories, ppc, video, press releases, articles… these are the new genres of advertising. To thrive in the modern age, you must learn to exploit this evolution or you may find your company has been left behind

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  1. Internet brings the global audience closer and introduced a new medium of advertising which is quite unique compare to other advertising medium. Naturally, this impacts the advertisers, as they accepted internet the most powerful media for advertising.

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