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Industrial Brand Marketing

Industrial Brand Marketing

Promoting Your Industrial Firm’s Brand Online

Industrial Brand Marketing For most manufacturers, the thought of online branding is pretty much Greek to them. Branding, they think, is for businesses that market to consumers… Coca Cola, GM, and Johnson & Johnson. Buy television ads, radio spots, billboards, newspapers, etc… Yet the concept of online branding works the same with manufacturing and industrial firms for the simple reason that it is now possible to advertise in any market niche.

In fact, in some ways, branding works even better for business to business firms simply because there is not the over saturation in these markets that you find in so many consumer markets.

And where exactly does an industrial firm do brand marketing?

The internet, of course.

Industrial directories, manufacturing blogs, industry forums… these are all more than places where people from certain industries meet to discuss and network.These are actual marketing mediums, just like radio and television. So why wouldn’t your company take advantage of these mediums to plant seeds in the heads of engineers, purchasing officers, and plant managers who frequent them.

The great news is that in many cases, you can get your company’s message out there for free… paying for the ad only when someone actually visits your sight.

Industrial Brand Marketing ties together many online mediums, including SEO, online public relations, and social media, as well as PPC advertising and banner ads. The key is simply knowing where to do the advertising. Luckily, there are many resources out there which allow you to focus your branding campaign as narrowly as you wish in any of the numerous online mediums. Which ones you choose should be based on careful research. Once you’ve decided your best online resource, then be positive, be consistent, and engage. And remember, the best results come when all channels of internet branding are integrated, creating a unified online message that people will remember.

Online branding… It’s a great low-cost way to create familiarity and trust for your company within your market niche and gain new customers for your business.

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