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Hosting Industrial Videos

Hosting Industrial Videos

Where Is the Best Place To Host Them?

Industrial Videos Hosting
Videos should be a part of any industrial marketing campaign. People love them, they attract interest on the internet, and they boost overall web site rankings.

There is a reason why a video site (You Tube) is the most widely viewed site on the internet. And there are many more video sharing web pages out there as well. So how does an industrial firm take advantage of them?

Assuming you already have a video made, you’ll have to decide where to host it. This is an important consideration. The hosting site you choose will either complement or hurt the intent of your video. So here is 3 main video hosting options and their pros and cons.

  • On Your Own Site: Most people choose this because it seems like an obvious choice. But many times it isn’t the best choice. Local hosting should only be for videos that you don’t wish anyone to see outside of the context of your own site. Look at your video, and ask yourself, “Does it make sense on its own?” If so, you probably shouldn’t host it locally. Also, if the video is longer than 10 minutes, you probably shouldn’t host it locally either, especially if you have a shared hosting account (you probably do). Bandwidth issues can make the user experience really bad during peak traffic times.
  • Video Sharing Sites: If you answered Yes to the question, does the video make sense on its own, you should definitely consider a video sharing site. The most popular is Youtube, though there are others like Viddler and Meta Cafe. The great thing about video sharing sites is that people can find them on their own, and the video might lead them to come to your site. And the cons? Well, first there is a limit on the length of video: about a quarter hour. Second, during high traffic times, the video can time out. Last, and most important, visitors who click a shared video are taken to that site. From there, they can surf their way to other related videos on other sites.
  • Amazon Account: has it’s own hosting service called S3. You can use this service to host videos at very reasonable rates. Advantages are that Amazon has great servers, making performance less of an issue with high traffic sites. Also, the video doesn’t link out to external sites. This is good for larger videos which you want to keep on the site, but don’t want to use up bandwidth from your local web hosting company.

These are only a few choices out there for video hosting. Either way, it will help your industrial internet marketing efforts and get more clients.

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