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Google Panda Update

Google Panda Update

5 Things It Has Changed

In 2011, due to popular demand and no small amount of spam, google released an update to change the scheme of its search engine. The result was the google panda update, which changed the way people search through the website drastically. The update unleashed a powerful new algorithm to track what was displayed in the highest order of google search. What occurred drew even more people into the Google craze, and cemented Google’s position as the world’s leader in search technology even stronger. Here are five things the update changed, and how it affects our searches today.

“Low” Site Crawlers

One of the biggest complaints user had before the Google panda update, was that useless copied and advertisement riddled websites were receiving top ratings and appearing highest on the search page. The new update added a script that tracked what websites people considered quality and easy to navigate, and sent the previously looked down upon sites to the one-hundredth page. The algorithm tracks the number of links through Google, as well as Google approved and unapproved adverts. The program still gives advantage to Google listed advertisements, but popup littered websites are now given a much lower rating.

“High” Site Crawlers

The opposite was done with websites that were deemed quality. Programmers working on the Google panda update search through millions of webpages, and rated each on a gradient scale. Websites that were easy to manage, had few non google approved advertisements, and were commonly viewed were sent to the highest on the search. All of these qualifications were scripted into this new site crawler, so it can make its’ own determination based on what people like to see in their searches.

Full Page Crawling

Before the Google panda update, listed web pages were only crawled by bots on a per page basis. That meant that you could be linked to a web page about puppies, on a website about cookies. After the update was implemented, the entire website was actively crawled by the algorithm to determine its’ standing in the search. You can also choose to have a separate section crawled apart from its’ homepage, but standardly, the whole page is now reviewed before you can search for it.

Copy Capping

This Google update also makes it more intrinsically valuable to fashion your own content. One of the primary issues users had with Google search, is that it often brought up many very similar pages. With the implementation of the new algorithm, sites with unoriginal material receive a low site recommendation, and are often stuck at the bottom of your results.

Sweeping Out The Past

The panda update also ushered out unreliable or inefficient search page crawlers, by simply being better. Programs like pagerank, which blazed the trail for search engines, quickly became obsolete. Today, the panda update affects about one percent of all English searches, which in effect, is millions of web pages. The update has ushered in improved versions of search engine ranking, like Google penguin and will continue to make waves in your web surfing experience for years to come.


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