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2013 Google Algorithm Changes Survival Guide

2013 Google Algorithm Changes Survival Guide

Part 1: Is SEO officially dead?

(This is a the first of a series of three posts explaining the MAJOR changes Google has made and what it means for Industrial and B2B businesses who are trying to market on the internet.)

The major changes Google has made this year to its algorithm, its analytic reporting, and its keyword tool has led some people to come out and declare that “SEO is officially dead.” Now it is true that Google has made some wholesale changes to the way it operates, enough so that I will come and declare that the rules have not just been tweaked, the entire playbook has changed. And yes, the overall effect has been to hamper efforts to optimize websites. But does that mean SEO is dead?

Absolutely not.

“The reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.” Mark Twain

The changes at Google have come across the board, from changes in their algorithm to the way in which they share their data with users. The overall effect has been to make life much more difficult for those like myself who leverage search engines for clients. Rumors abound that these changes are designed so people will simply give up on trying to optimize their site and fall back on the only other alternative (Pay Per Click). This certainly seems like something Google would do. But the truth remains: that to keep the incredibly profitable business of PPC going, Google must continue to provide quality information to people in their organic (or non paid) search results. You certainly aren’t going to continuing using Google looking for answers if every one of those answers are based entirely on who is willing to pay the highest price to answer it.

Imagine if you typed in “How to clean a dryer vent” and EVERY listing on the page was an ad for a new dryer. A few times doing this and you are gone from Google, never to return. So Google must continuously try to strike a good balance between giving actual useful information and surrounding that information with relevant (and highly profitable) ads.

So SEO is not dead now and never will be. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t taken a body blow or two. The truth is, SEO has been turned on its head. But as they say, the only thing constant is change. And the smart companies are going to learn to adapt to it. Where there is change, there is opportunity. Let’s take a look at what the big changes are over there at the Big G and see exactly how we can use them to our advantage. Over the coming weeks I’m going to explain the changes from big G and how they have effected our client’s sites. Then I’m going to show you how to survive (and even thrive) in this brave new world of Google post 2013,

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