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Flashy Website Designs

Flashy Website Designs

Why Flashy Websites Are Bad For Business Sites

Once there was a time when all web sites were pretty much the same. They were some text transformed into html into web pages. Over time, as technology increased, so did the capabilities both of the internet, as well as the web sites themselves. People started incorporating videos into their web designs. And thus brought in the age of flash. Flash is simply a technology that allows videos to be streamed on web sites efficiently, so they can be viewed across the internet. It worked great, but it had a major drawback. Search engines can’t read movies or pictures, so to a search engine, a flash web site is pretty much blank.

And no information for the web site means no rankings.

Many web sites today are a hybrid of html and flash, with flash in the headers or in an introduction. I personally used to use flash in my web site headers as well as in movies. But no longer. The fact is, there are alternative methods out there now which perform better and are search engine friendly. Techniques like J query are replacing flash headers, links to Youtube replacing flash movies, and flash introductions… well, in my opinion, they should be left out of a web site entirely, as there is no evidence that they help actual web site sales and a great deal of evidence that they actually hurt.

Especially for an industrial or B2B site. You don’t want to impress your visitors with how fancy your web site is (or how long it takes for it to load). People may be impressed by it, but they won’t do business with you because of it. You must get their attention, earn their trust, and entice them to act. It’s that simple.

The good news is, there are ways to wow your online visitors that don’t drive away the search engines.

Blending The Flash With The SEO

A good web designer can now incorporate some pretty amazing effects on a web site that not only create the right image for your company but actually help you get traffic by elevating your position within the search engine pages. Some Web Design Tips for delivering eye-popping content:

  • Use J query photo galleries rather than flash, preferably with keyword rich text overlays. (See the home page of Net Marketing Advisers for an example).
  • Upload all short videos to YouTube and connect from there. You will not only save bandwidth on your hosting server but not having to store it there but will get a great link to your site itself.
  • Get rid of any flash introduction that leads in to your site. They aren’t needed unless you’re promoting a movie. Ever.

Offer useful information, tell your story, establish your authority. Do this in the simplest, most direct way possible. Keep yourself focused on these basicsand you will be well on your way to creating a web site that actually makes you money.

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