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External Links

Search Engine Optimization (Part 6)

external linksIn part 5 of our series on search engine optimization we went over the importance of using internal links to help develop and promote the theme of your web site. Hopefully, the web site is now optimized both for search engines and for human visitors. The website is now ready to be the center of an ongoing industrial internet marketing promotion campaign. And one of the fastest and easiest ways to is to start gathering external links.

External links—links from sites other than your own—are not only helpful in drawing traffic to your site, they are also a ranking factor for search engines. Each external link is considered a vote of confidence in your site by an outside observer, and so the number, as well as the quality, of these sites helps determine your ultimate search engine ranking.
There are a number of ways to get external links, including:

  • Web Directories: Submit listings to quality web directories. The higher quality and relevance of the directory, the better. There are a host of quality industrial directories you can join which provide good quality backlinks to your site, as well as exposure on the directory sites.
  • Press Releases and Articles: Writing press releases and articles create links to your site which will help your rankings. Plus, if someone who reads the article links to it, or even bookmarks it, it can potentially create a link as well.
  • Link Partners: Find other non-competing web sites in your market niche and ask for a link exchange. Reciprocal links between sites in the same niche are definitely favorable.
  • Social Media: Becoming active on social media sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc… can generate links as well

The point is this: your search engine ranking is a fluid thing. Just because you are number one today doesn’t mean you will be number one tomorrow. You have to continue updated your site and its links to be considered relevant by search engines.

Industrial search engine optimization is all about doing the basics correctly. Follow these steps in the correct order and you will soon find your site climbing the search engines rankings, and seeing more clients for your firm.

Five Part Series On Search Engine Optimization

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