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The fundamentals of a good industrial website design are simple. First, start with research into your market. Take electronics for example. The numbers of people searching for industrial electronics on the internet are truly staggering. Over 246,000 online searches are performed each month for the term “Electronic Components” on one search engine alone. “Solenoids” gets over 90,500 searches. “Electrical Relays” gets over 3,000 searches a month.

These numbers reflect just one search engine: google. There are a dozen other minor search engines as well which add to the numbers. They all add up to the single largest market for your electronics product. And the best news is that it is the easiest market to break into. Electronic firms have specific clients looking for very specific solutions to their problems. Only on search engines can you match your company up with your most likely clients.

With the enormous potential for new clients to be secured on the internet, you should easily understand how important it is for an electronic manufacturer, supplier, or distributor to have a good industrial internet marketing strategy. Capture just a small fraction of these online prospects and you could see the sales for your electronic firm increase dramatically.

The phenomenon of the internet is here to stay. And its importance is only increasing. Each day, more people are relying on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alta Vista, and others to find B2B products and services, including firms that provide electronic components, electronic assembly, electronic suppliers, electronic distributors, and more.

If your electronics firm wants to stay on top its market, you need to have a web site that can successfully attract visitors and then converts them to customers.

Key aspects of a good electronics firm web site:

  • Pre-design research
  • Efficient structure
  • Quality site content
  • Unified internal linking
  • Gathering good quality links

Most web designers simply don’t take the time to do all these basics right. And the truth is these elements must to molded into a unified electronic firm marketing campaign. Done correctly, this campaign will send steady targeted web traffic to your electronics firm and increase your bottom line.

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Web Site Design

Web Sites For All Types of Electronic Component Firms

Net Marketing Adviserscreates custom high performance web sites for Electronic Component Firms, including electronic suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and sourcers. Also, producers of semi conductors, capacitors, circuits, solenoids, relays, computer components, even e-commerce stores. Contact us to find out exactly what the only demand is for your niche of Electronic Component Firms.

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From our office in Southern California, Net Marketing Advisers LLC provides Electronic Component Firms web design services to clients throughout California including San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego as well as nationwide. We have clients in Texas, Florida, New York, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia. We serve industrial, manufacturing and B2B firms in various industries and company size. Check out our client portfolio page to see examples of the Electronic Component Firms web sites we create for clients that perform as well as they look.


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Net Marketing Advisersoffers professional and affordable web site designs for businesses of all sizes and industries, especially those that sell Business to Business B2B. We can create modern Electronic Component Firms web sites which are custom designed to take advantage of modern browser capabilities along with tablets and mobile phones. Features of our Electronic Component Firms web site designs include: responsive design (mobile friendly), e commerce functionality, social media integration, brand marketing, built in CMS with blogging capabilities, full online security and backups, fast loading pages, contact forms, calendars, maps. Other service include logo design, graphic design, custom sliders, video marketing and more. We are a full service internet marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization designs which perform in search engines. Contact us to see how affordable it cab be to get an optimized Electronic Component Firms web site for your company to take advantage of the online demand in your market.