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Bing Yahoo Merger

Bing Yahoo Merger

What It Means For Manufacturing Firms

Industrial Search Engine Marketing The merger of Yahoo and Bing is already underway, and is scheduled to be completed in phases over the next 12 months. What does this mean for industrial and manufacturing firms? Well, the easy answer is potentially quite a bit. Though the two search engines should merge seemlessly with virtually no effect to potential website rankings, the reality will be far different.

Bing: The New Algorithm On The Block

Until now, very few people gave much notice to Bing, as their presence in the search engine markets was very limited. No traffic. No reason to worry about optimizing for them. Right?


Microsoft has just announced that the Bing search engine robot will be the software used for new Yahoo / Bing organic search alliance. So now the little search engine no one paid much attention to will now be responsible for almost thirty percent of the search market, with access to over 158 million unique searchers in United States alone.
So you better start checking your web site’s ranking in Bing, because though it didn’t really matter much before, it will now as your web traffic could see as much a big change after the merger.

What’s Different About Bing?

Actually, a lot. Though no one knows the true secrets behind any of the search engines formulas, Bing has a few distinguishing factors that will soon apply to Yahoo searchers, including:

  • Number of pages Indexed: Bing does not index every page. It indexes only what it considers to be “important” pages. You are less likely to see blog page archives, author pages, or even blog pages themselves in the index. I have a sight that has over 70 pages indexed in Google and Yahoo, and only 8 in Bing.
  • Age: Bing, like Google, prefers older domains. Yahoo was much more tolerant of newer sites than Bing has been. So if you’re a new site, with good rankings on Yahoo, you might see them drop.
  • Commercial Content: Bing seems to favor commercial sites more than blogs, which some say is opposite of Google, which prefers blogs. There is no official word on this, but many people believe it.
  • SLOW! Bing is much slower to index sites and pages than Yahoo was. So again, if you’re a new site, or frequently updating, you’re just going to have to be patient in waiting for Bing to find you, even if you submit the page manually to them.

All in all, whether this alliance is good for your particular business is entirely a matter of how you rank in the Bing and Yahoo search engines. You might want to take a look at your ranking in both and compare. And if your site isn’t ranking in Bing, you might want to take steps to improve your rankings. To learn more about how Bing’s suggestions on improving SEO, click  here.


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