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Identify Your Website’s Anonymous Visitors!

It’s the goal of all B2B web sites to get your visitors to contact them  But did you know that less than 5% of web site visitors actually make contact with the business? The other 95% are just browsing through, looking for other companies offering the same products and leaving you no information for any possible follow up. You know that they’re looking to buy. It’s just a matter of getting to them first. But how do you identify them?

Net Marketing Analytics

Track Website Unidentified Visitors. We use an impressive search tool application for extracting detailed information on your undisclosed website visitors. We identify . . .

  • Visitor’s business name
  • Visitor’s website address
  • Address and contact numbers
  • Other information like Industry, Company Size and Revenue

The above information will assist you in identifying those visitors most relevant to your business and market your products to them first.

Weekly Updated Report. Visitor identification is done on a weekly basis and uploaded to a server where clients can view and edit updated visitors list complete with relevant information like contact details, number of visits, and even the number of pages browsed. The company now has the option to contact these identified visitors.

Cut Cost, Increase Sales. Call rejections are minimized since contact information used for marketing is extracted from your once anonymous visitors. Marketing will be focused on these visitors, therefore no more unnecessary, unproductive calls to unpromising contacts.

Sales will dramatically increase since you now have names of those previously unidentified visitors and directly sell your products to them.

Free 30 Day Trial

Fill out the form to the right to start a free 30 day trial of the analytics program. No credit card required. We will send you code to add to your site and in 30 days you can be seeing exactly who is coming to your site and what they were looking for.


Spam Control

Visitor Alerts

Do you have a very important visitor you want to track? We can set up an alert to email you when they visit the site.

Website Uptime Alerts

You don’t want to risk your hard earned search engine rankings by a hosting malfunction. The search engines can find a down site very quickly and wipe the content out of their indexes. Don’t let a glitch at your hosting account cost you your traffic.

Email Campaign Tracking

Want to discover who, on your email lists, are your hyper-responsive customers? With Net Analytics, there’s an easy way to do it. From here, you can easily identify the 20% of your list you should be spending 80% of your time. targeting.

Social Media Tracking

Find out not only how many people are clicking through from your social media sites and campaigns, know exactly where they are going on your site and when they return.

Understand how your prospects view your web site.

The lowest cost per leads exist right under your nose. They are coming in and out of your own web site, unseen… Until now

Greatest ROI of any B2B lead generation