Results Driven Internet Marketing For Industrial and B2B Firms

President Net Marketing AdvisersMy name is John Dyer and I am the President of Net Marketing Advisers. I created the company out of the need to create a comprehensive strategy for internet marketing for industrial and manufacturing firms. I saw that most of these firms have virtually no strategy for marketing on the internet. This despite the fact that the internet is now the preferred way for consumers to get information. Hiring a web designer without internet marketing expertise is an enormous mistake as a website must be designed, structured, and maintained with marketing in mind. If not, its potential is severely limited.

We design web sites with the expressed goal of attracting traffic from online search engines. We take a comprehensive approach to internet marketing, blending all aspects of web design together to achieve that goal. We’ve produced results in a variety of industries, from manufacturing, law, e-commerce, B2B, and information companies. And we work always with the focus on good communication with the client, as we know that a successful web site is a team effort.